Desenhar o espaço com bons sentidos

Mais referências para melhorar o espaço urbano

Designing small parks, a manual for adressing social and ecological concerns, Ann Forsyth and Laura Musacchio

"Small parks are too often relegated to the status of stepchild of municipal and metropolitan open-space systems because of assumptions that their small size and isolation limits their recreational capacity and makes them ecologically less valuable than large city and county parks. (...). Yet in an era of fiscal constraint and high urbanland values, small parks have much to offer."

Urban Open Space, Designing for user needs, Mark Francis

"Public interest and support will continue to expand for the preservation and development of urban space. Landscape architects will need to find ways to play a more central leadership role in this growing movement. To do so, they need to better use research advances in their design work. In addition, researchers must close gaps in their understanding of user needs such as the appropiate role of design and form in making comfortable and memorable places for people. Case studies are an effective way their influence can be expanded and projects made more sucessful. Continued research in the form of new case studies is needed to show how user needs can be effectively transleted into design. Programming, planning, design, and management based on human needs will be essential to the future development of open spaces as well as the growth of the profession."

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