This City Turns Brown Into Green, Just as the Pope Wishes

Philadelphia immigrants are transforming blighted lots into gardens, bringing nature back to the city, putting down roots, and providing food.

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What is a Food Forest?? 

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ISLAMABAD: The public parks in a pathetic condition.

ISLAMABAD: The public parks in almost every sector of the federal capital are in a pathetic condition. 

People have blamed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for this colossal negligence.
Public parks and playgrounds are very essential for promoting healthy activities among people, but unfortunately, the neglected parks in the federal capital have failed to attract any visitors.
The parks in posh sectors like F6, F7, G6, G7 and G8 are in pathetic condition because the jogging tracks, swings, lights and benches installed in these parks have broken. Wild bushes growing in these parks have turned into woods.
With advent of evening, the revellers and junkies throng these parks and make fuss. The families have started to avoid visiting these parks due to poor management.
Parks and gardens serve as lungs for a city that is otherwise a concrete jungle. Today, most of the parks and gardens are in a bad shape.

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A Rosa de Nova Yorque



Como a NYRP vai ajudar a tornar Nova Yorque mais verde

"We're a capitalist culture but we need to understand that as a city is we're all connected"

Vitória das árvores (e) das cidades

"Câmara Municipal aprova Lei que preserva inúmeros Túneis Verdes em Porto Alegre

Vitória também do português Pedro Nuno Teixeira Santos e inúmeros amigos das árvores espalhados por todo o planeta. Alguns, como o Pedro, foram citados no convencimento final de vereadores ainda indecisos!

Uma revista com matéria sobre a Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, com especial destaque para os elogios do Pedro Nuno Teixeira Santos que a chamou de "Rua Mais Bonita do Mundo", passou pelas mãos de vereadores e foi fundamental para a decisão de alguns votos. A vitória também é dessas abnegadas pessoas que não moram aqui e em sua grande maioria nem conhecem AINDA nossos Túneis Verdes.
As árvores de Porto Alegre agradecem a todos vocês!!!

Eco ponto . de inflexão

Notícia - Mais um passo para criar o novo Parque no coração de Lisboa

Câmara assina hoje auto de consignação para requalificação da Ribeira das Naus

Nova Iorque: últimos 90 dias para fumar em espaços públicos

There are only three months left for the city's smokers to indulge in their habit in public places.

Not content with banning smoking in restaurants and bars, smoking in New York City's parks, beaches, board walks, pedestrian plazas and other public spaces will also be banned from May 23.

This comes despite complaints about what the public see as excessive meddling by the government in people's private lives

Public places: Couple enjoy a cigarette at World Financial Centre, Waterfront Park in Lower Manhattan, while smoking outside is still allowed

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America’s Great Outdoors: A Promise to Future Americans

President Obama launched the America’s Great Outdoors (AGO) Initiative to develop a 21st Century conservation and recreation agenda. AGO takes as its premise that lasting conservation solutions should rise from the American people – that the protection of our natural heritage is a non-partisan objective shared by all Americans.

AGO recognizes that many of the best ideas come from outside of Washington. Instead of dictating policies, this initiative turns to communities for local, grassroots conservation initiatives. Instead of growing bureaucracy, it calls for reworking inefficient policies and making the Federal Government a better partner with states, tribes, and local communities. The report below is the result of this work.

americas greatoutdoors report

americas greatoutdoors
Quem reside no Bairro da Chasa exige intervenção urgente - Moradores de Alverca revoltados com degradação do espaço público o mirante - notícia

NY - New rules preserve all active community gardens under Parks Department jurisdiction

After an outcry from gardeners, officials announced new rules Monday giving more protection to the city's community gardens.
The new rules preserve all active gardens. Only abandoned or rule-breaking gardens can be sold or developed - and only after clearing a series of procedural hurdles.
"Today, we have the strongest rules we could possibly have to protect our gardens," said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.
The rules apply to 282 gardens controlled by the Parks Department.
An earlier draft sparked a green-thumb backlash because it left gardens vulnerable to development.
Gardeners welcomed the changes. "I was nervous, and I was prepared for a good fight," said Marilyn Mosley, 55, who grows vegetables and flowers at the Carrie McCracken Community Garden in Harlem. "I'm glad somebody came to their senses and understood that green spaces are important."

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A cidade não é uma árvore

When compared with ancient cities that have acquired the patina of life, our modern attempts to create cities artificially are, from a human point of view, entirely unsuccessful.

Both the tree and the semilattice are ways of thinking about how a large collection of many small systems goes to make up a large and complex system. More generally, they are both names for structures of sets.
in a city is not a tree, Christ. Alexander