ISLAMABAD: The public parks in a pathetic condition.

ISLAMABAD: The public parks in almost every sector of the federal capital are in a pathetic condition. 

People have blamed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for this colossal negligence.
Public parks and playgrounds are very essential for promoting healthy activities among people, but unfortunately, the neglected parks in the federal capital have failed to attract any visitors.
The parks in posh sectors like F6, F7, G6, G7 and G8 are in pathetic condition because the jogging tracks, swings, lights and benches installed in these parks have broken. Wild bushes growing in these parks have turned into woods.
With advent of evening, the revellers and junkies throng these parks and make fuss. The families have started to avoid visiting these parks due to poor management.
Parks and gardens serve as lungs for a city that is otherwise a concrete jungle. Today, most of the parks and gardens are in a bad shape.

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