Ecocity World Summit 2009

Urban Ecological Foundations for Climate Solutions

"Cities Can Save the Earth" e "Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth" são lemas deste encontro

Get the city right and everything else has a chance. It's big. It's basic. If our built environment is well organized and well designed, we can go a long way toward solving transport, energy, biodiversity, agricultural and climate problems. This is a rare insight in today's econmoic and environmental debate. It is crucial and this conference is putting it forward at a time of historic necessity.

Why cities?

Cities cover less than 1% of the earth's surface but are responsible for up to 75% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. With more than 50% of the world's population living in cities (set to reach 60% by 2030), there is a ripe opportunity for humanity to reconsider the way we approach the built environment.

Reasons to Attend

Cities are complex, and enacting meaningful change while working with multiple constituencies can be filled with setbacks and frustration. What are the key ingredients for a successful plan that, after months and even years of work, doesn’t end up gathering dust on the shelf or become so watered down that the original vision is lost? What are the basic principles of ecocity design, planning and implementation, and how do they apply to already built out cities as well as new ecocity projects and proposals? Find out how ecocity practitioners — from architects, planners, designers and community organizers to government and political leaders — pull together the right teams of people with good ideas and get their projects up and running, in many cases with limited financial resources and sometimes despite a mountain of political opposition.

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